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Green Iguana Removed from Naples Florida by Treks

Community Iguana Removal Services

Florida Iguanas

Green iguanas are notorious for the damage their burrows can cause to seawalls and structural foundations. They also make for poor guests as they defecate on golf courses and common areas.


Instead of just setting a trap and hoping the iguanas go in, we actively seek out the iguanas for removal. With Treks you get immediate results.

Naples Iguana

Present year round in SWFL, green iguanas can grow to over 5 feet in length and weigh up to twenty pounds. They have serrated teeth for biting and will whip their tail in defense. Capable of running 21mph, removal is best performed by a professional. 

Every community has different needs and we will custom tailor a solution that ensures your the results that the community deserves. Choosing the right removal service is important and we pride ourselves not only on the work we do, but the pricing we can offer.

Naples Iguana Egg

Green Iguanas can lay up to 70 eggs a year. The females will lay her eggs in a protected burrow which helps them survive to hatching. Throughout her lifetime, a female iguana can lay over 1,000 eggs! We offer burrow remediation services to correct the damage done. 

Community iguana removal in Naples

After initial removal we offer monitoring services to ensure that the community stays iguana free. 

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