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Cane Toad Fencing

Bufo Toad

No yard is the same so we custom make each exclusion fence for your specific yard. This helps to ensure the ultimate in 24/7 protection.

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We know toads and our fences are designed around their physiology. We bury the protective barrier into the ground which prevents toads from digging under them.


Our barrier attaches to your existing fence, reducing their profile and blending in with the yard. We design our barriers to keep out even the smallest of toads. 

The last thing you would want is to build a fence with cane toads already in the yard. We perform our traditional toad removal service by hand, both the night before and after the fence is installed. 

All fences come with a three year warranty. Additionally we offer a discount to clients who would like to pair their barrier with our residential toad removal service. 

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